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Reviewing the Woods ZF27 Zero Turn Mower – Should You Stay Away From It?

The Woods ZF27 like all other zero-turn mowers has the Mowing deck in the front, unlike traditional tractors. This configuration allows farmers to make sharp and quick turns while working on the mower in their fields.

I had used the Woods ZF27 while I was working on the Deluge Farm in western Montana and found it to be a really handy mower. So decided today to provide an in-depth review of the Woods ZF27.

Before we review the Woods ZF27 zero turn mower, let us first discuss the features of the mower.

Woods ZF27 Zero Turn Mower Review


Woods ZF27 is highly advantageous to cut thick foliage and grass under trees. You need to take repeated turns while cutting grass under the trees. ZF27 is ideal for such applications as it is a zero turn mower.

  • Wheel base of ZF27 is long. The long base distributes the weight of the mower evenly. It has an adjustable seat that helps in reducing operator’s fatigue. Users can continuously mow even for eight hours with the ZF27 mowers.
  • ZF27 has the option of electronically adjusting the cutting height. The height adjustment is between one inch to five inch. You can select any height between these heights.
  • The ZF27 zero turn mower comes with a V – Baffle System. This system creates a strong suction. For this reason, the ZF27 can lift more grass from the ground with very less power.
  • Engine of ZF27 runs on gas. It comes with a flip up seat.
  • Apart from the above, the Woods ZF27 zero turn mower has an hour meter and shrub saver discharge chute.
  • ROPS protects the user. ROPS is Roll – Over Protection System
  • Extended foot rest offer additional comfort

About the Company – Woods

The company has a long history with more than 400 patents. You can visit their official website to check on their patents. They have all their patents uploaded on their site for their customers to learn about their research skills.

Key Features

So far I gave an outlook about the Woods Company, its products and other general details and features of ZF27. With this, let us now start to review the product.

Lap Bar

The Woods Zf27 zero turn mower comes with a lap bar. There are two options when you buy a zero turn mower. They are lap bar and the steering wheel. Lap bar uses two bars. The bars control the wheels of the mower individually.

The lap bar mowers accelerate when the user pushes the bar forward. When you want to turn the mower towards the left, you need to move the bar towards left. And when you need to move the mower towards right, you need to turn the bar to the right.

The Woods ZF27 lap bars are very convenient to use. It doesn’t have much traction in the front and therefore moves at ease just like a shopping cart. It is ideal for plains.


The Woods ZF27 zero turn mower runs on a OHV gas engine. It is Over Head Valve engine. Here the valves are placed above the combustion chamber. It offers quick combustion and therefore, woods ZF27 starts very quickly. The engine is good offering high torque even at lower speeds.


The Woods ZF27 uses full suspension.

Roll Over Protection System

The ROPS is one of the best safety feature in Woods ZF27 zero turn mower. The system protects the operator against injuries caused by vehicle roll overs. The system is attached with the frame of the mower. The strength of the system is good and is ISO certified.

Hour Meter

Mower comes with an inbuilt hour meter. The hour meter is used in to record the elapsed time. It aids in good maintenance. By tracking the running time of the mower using the hour meter, you can schedule its operation. Any mechanical device develops heating problem if you run them continuously. To avoid this problem, you should keep track of your equipment. Give it some rest now and then. By doing so, you increase the life time of your equipment. Therefore, it is essential that you buy a mower with hour meter. And the Woods ZF27 zero turn mower comes with an in built hour meter.

Shrub Saver Discharge Chute

The discharge chute aids in clearing out the cut grass. User need not put in extra efforts to sweep and collect the cut grasses. The discharge chute puts the cut grasses in order. The user should simply collect them and dispose. Burden is reduced and cleaning becomes simple.

True Float Deck

The deck of Woods ZF27 is carefully designed. It is one of the unique designs in the market. Most of the lawn mowers complain that, lawn lose beauty after mowing. They have to wait at least a week for the lawn to grow back to regain its beauty. The True Float Deck of the Woods ZF27 solves this problem. It contours the ground for deeper and un-parallel cuts. This way it prevents the mower from making deeper cuts. The growth of the grass is uneven. You need to be very careful as uneven mowing spoils the look of your garden. The true float deck takes care of this. Also, you can adjust the height of the deck.

Height Adjustment Feature

The height adjustment feature is mandatory in a mower. Why so? Say you have under ground drainage pipe or shady parts in your garden. The growth of the foliage is less thick in shady parts and thicker where bright sunlight lit directly. Also, the growth is more in parts that are in constant contact with water. These areas may be near your swimming pool or water tanks or near pipes that you use regularly to water your garden. Therefore, it is essential that you buy a mower with different cutting heights. The Woods ZF27 allows you to adjust the cutting height from one inch to five inch. On an average, grass grows two to five inches a month. So with Woods ZF27 you can save time by mowing your lawn once a month!

V – Baffle System for suction

The V – Baffle is one of the latest and an ergonomic design for suction. It is ideal for flat planes and simple angles. The suction of the Woods ZF27 uses a V – Baffle system for suction. This design keeps the blade curved up to produce a lift while mowing and paving way for easy suction. After cutting, the suction collects the grass and sends it to the discharge chute to put them in order. Suction system keeps your mowing smooth and clean. If your mower does not come with a suction system, your mower gets stuck with the already cut grass. If you mow your lawn during a windy evening, the cut grasses are all over your lawn. Cleaning becomes very challenging in such cases.

Why is Woods ZF27 zero turn mower good?

You should look for four major parameters while buying a zero turn mower. They are cutting width, horse power, fuel tank, and maximum speed of the mower. All these four parameters are good in Woods ZF27 zero turn mower. Experts say that a good zero turn mower should have the following specifications:

  • The cutting width should be between 50 inches and 70 inches. It is 61 inches in the Woods ZF27 zero turn mower
  • The horse power of the engine should be between 18 HP and 30 HP. The Horse Power of Woods ZF27 zero turn mower is 27 HP. It is ideal to lift the grass evenly and gives strong suction
  • Cutting height should be at least 5 inches. The cutting height of Woods ZF27 zero turn mower is exactly 5 inches
  • Maximum speed should be at least 8 miles per hour. The Woods Zf27 zero turn mower satisfies this criteria too.

For the above reasons, it is one of the best in the market.

Why you should buy the Woods ZF27 Zero Turn Mower?

The Woods ZF27 Zero Turn Mower saves time. They have wider cutting decks and therefore finish the work quicker than other mowers in the market. It allows you to change the lap – bar levels. With this you can easily control the speed of the mower. Also, the Woods ZF27 zero turn mower allows you to mow in a straight line. As the movement is clean and straight, the cut is neat. Overall look of the lawn is serene.

What other owners are saying about the Woods ZF27 Zero-Turn Mower?

99% of the owners of Woods ZF27 are highly satisfied with its performance. They find it easy to use and very convenient. Safety features in the mower like ROPS has protected many consumers while mowing their bumpy uneven lawns. Some consumers have been using the mower in their small garden. The mower is ideal not only for long gardens but also works the best in small and less space gardens. The problem in small gardens is that you need to turn the mower frequently. And the Woods ZF27 makes the turn easy with its lap bars. Many owners say that the mower is ideal to clear grass under trees. Usually clearing grass under trees is time consuming. Because you need to mow repeatedly and mow in angles. Users report that the lap bar in Woods ZF27 makes this easy. The mower can be turned in angles effortlessly.

Can you use Woods ZF27 in hilly regions?

No. This mower is not ideal for hilly regions as it comes with lap bars. It is good only for plains. If you prefer to buy a mower for hilly region, you should probably go for a steering wheel mower.

What kind of suspension is used in Woods ZF27?

The Woods ZF27 mower uses a Full suspension.

Does Woods ZF27 mower come with an hour meter?

Yes. Experts advice that a wise consumer always buys his mechanical devices and heavy traction motors with hour meter. The meter aids in easy maintenance. You can keep track of the running time of your motor and give it some rest for long life.

How frequently should I mow the lawn with Woods ZF27?

Once a month is more than sufficient. The Woods ZF27 comes with different height adjustments. The cutting heights are between one inch and five inch. The grasses grow to a height of two inches to five inches per month. Therefore, it is sufficient to mow the lawn once a month with Woods Zf27.

Overall Review

The mower provides good comfort. The features of the Woods Z727 such as hour meter, discharge chute, cup holder, flip up seat, V – Baffle system, etc. make the mower one of the best in the market. It also comes with ROPS, an operator safety feature. ROPS stands for Roll – Over Protection System. The height adjustment feature allows you to fix the cutting height between one inch and five inches. With this the users can mow their lawn less frequently. The True Deck Float in the mower allows the user to mow his lawn uniformly. It tracks for unparallel cuts made and aids the user mow his lawn evenly.

I have given a detailed and complete review on Woods ZF27 discussing the features, pros and cons of the product. The product is one of the best in the market and also affordable. Hope my review was helpful!