What Size Kubota Tractor Can Lift A Round Bale

What Size Kubota Tractor Can Lift A Round Bale?

Regardless of their shape, whether round or square, hay bales can weigh up to a hefty 350 kgs each, making them challenging to transport.

This is where Kubota tractors prove handy! Founded in 1890 and based in Osaka, Japan, Kubota is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures a wide range of products including construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and tractors.

The company’s tractors in particular are renowned for their superior performance and durability. Since Kubota offers a massive lineup of tractors, choosing the right Kubota tractor to lift and move round bales can be a bit overwhelming.

However, the good news is that there are several Kubota tractors that can lift a round bale, 5 of which I have listed below.

What Size Tractor Can List a Round Bale?

Kubota tractors with at least 35 horsepower can lift round bales. Square bales however can be transported with 16-horsepower Kubota tractors.

You should always keep these horsepower requirements in mind if you’re going to use the tractor to move bales.

The size of Kubota residential tractors can vary between 5 feet to 7 feet, making them fairly compact and a great choice for lifting bales.

Best Kubota Tractors to Lift Round Bales

Kubota BX Series


The Kubota BX series tractors are equipped with powerful engines are known for their exceptional durability and reliability.

This range of tractors can be ordered with 18 horsepower and 23 horsepower or 23.5 horsepower diesel engines.

Adding to this, the Kubota BX series boast enough muscle power to tackle even your toughest jobs and a large 25-liter fuel tank capacity.

In terms of speed, the BX series Kubota tractors don’t disappoint with a whopping 3200 RPM, which is much faster than other models in this segment.

The Kubota BX series tractors are factory equipped with rugged tires and measure roughly 2400 mm in length. They weigh between 606 kgs and 1150 kgs, making them easy to maneuver.

Kubota LX Series

Kubota LX series

The Kubota LX series tractors are a blend of quality, comfort and versatility, and are fitted with powerful and efficient diesel engines. But that’s not all, the LX series tractors feature deluxe seats that provide a comfortable ride during use.

Unlike other tractors in this space and price point, the Kubota LX series features a factory-installed premium cab that’s packed with features such as a deeper suspension, heater, and air conditioner.

The Kubota LX series comes with the robust 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, and the Kubota 3310 model with the powerful and efficient 4-cylinder Turbo, Common Rail System Kubota diesel engine.

The LX series by Kubota can be ordered in a choice of open station and cab options and what’s common between the two is low emissions, greater fuel economy and an unmatched level of power, torque, and overall performance.

The LX series is a great option for balers thanks to its mechanical self-leveling feature that allows the tractor’s front loader to operate with additional precision.

You also get four class-leading Goodyear R14 tires, which provide good traction on snow, ice turf, or mud.

Kubota L01 Series

The Kubota L01 series is a joy to operate and is remarkably powerful. It’s a great choice for bailers as well as property maintenance chores, commercial landscaping, and small farming.

One of the noteworthy features of the Kubota L01 tractor is its enhanced operator’s deck, which is not just spacious but showcases an ergonomic design for optimal operator comfort.

Further, the semi-flat design of the deck makes it easy to mount and dismount the tractor.

The Kubota L01 tractor is equipped with a new dash panel with larger gauges and a digital LCD panel that provides valuable information such as engine error codes with a single glance.

Additionally, the Kubota L01 tractor features a smooth transmission, which offers 4 main shift speeds in two ranges for a total of 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds.

Adding to its long list of features is a hydraulic independent PTO with a three-point hitch —a handy feature that lets you operate the tractor’s PTO without using the clutch. To top things off, the Kubota L01 tractor comes with an upgraded plush-padded seat, which is contoured and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue, even after long workdays.

Kubota BV4500 Round Bailer

The Kubota BV4500 is an all-in-one round bailing machine that’s packed with premium features, starting with its ability to lift large bale diameters and pickup capacity.

The Kubota BV4500 is compatible with all brands of nets and twine and features a direct injection system for a sure start every time. Furthermore, the Kubota baling machine comes with an automatic twin-tying system, which provides twofold benefits —-simultaneous tying of both edges of the bale and keeping binding time to a minimum.

The Kubota round baler features a patented PowerBind system —a redesigned system that eliminates old feed rollers and many high-wear items.

It features a low-profile design and can easily lift even the shortest crop. As an added bonus, the Kubota round baler comes with a Focus Terminal that gives you full control of all the necessary functions with all the relevant information at a glance.

How heavy is a round bale?

Round bales are large and can weigh anywhere between 600 lbs to 1600 lbs.

What is the size of round bales?

Round bales are available in a wide range of sizes, but most commonly measure between 4 feet by 5 feet in diameter.

How many round bales per acre?

Mini-round bales weigh roughly 40 lbs, which equates to 100 bales per acre.

Final Thoughts

Kubota is a leading brand in the agricultural machinery space and the company’s tractors are yet another hit addition to their vast range of products.

There are several different Kubota tractors that can lift a round bale without any hiccups including the award-worthy Kubota BV4500 round baler.