10 Most Common New Holland LX665 Tractor Problems & Their Fixes

new holland lx665 problems

The New Holland Lx665 is one of the oldest and most trustworthy tractors ever built. The skid steer loader is perfect for grading work and is essential for construction jobs. It was launched in 1993, and we have to admit, it’s still one of the most powerful skid steer loaders on the market. But if you’re using an older model in 2022, you might face some problems that might make your work difficult.

Even a single issue can cause a logistical nightmare, especially if you’re renting one for your work. Today, we’ll be looking at the 10 most common New Holland Lx665 problems you might face and how to fix them.

New Holland Lx665 Problems

Despite this skid steer loader tractor’s many benefits, there will be plenty of moments when it just breaks down. It could be a severe crisis in the engine or a minor issue that requires a quick fix. Whatever the case, you should be prepared at all times.

#1 – The Engine Won’t Start

This is the most common of the New Holland Lx665 problems you’ll face. Many owners and renters have complained about this issue regarding the Lx665 model.

Why Does It Happen?

If your New Holland Lx665 tractor refuses to start, it could be due to several reasons.

  • The oil tanker needs refueling.
  • Perhaps the rotating belts have rusted significantly, preventing the tractor from starting.
  • Maybe there are problems with the instrument cluster or some of the fuses.

How To Fix It?

Fixing your New Holland Lx665 tractor in this scenario is simple, just figure out the underlying cause and follow the appropriate step.

  • Inspect the fuel tank and fill it up if it’s empty. Also, check if the ignition light is working properly.
  • Inspect the battery and determine whether it is fully functional; it’s common for older models to have damaged or weakened batteries.
  • If there is any damage to the fuses, ensure you repair them.
  • See if there is rust in the rotating belts; if so, manually clean them.
  • Check if the seat switches need repairing.
  • Inspect the instrument cluster to ensure it is fully functional.
  • Flip the service/run switch.

#2 – It Shuts Down After Some Beeping Sounds

You might find that your tractor is running smoothly for a while, only to suddenly alarm you with strange beeping noises. This is a common issue for any tractor and easily among the most general New Holland Lx665 problems you will face.

It usually starts with a beeping sound followed by a total machine shutdown for a few seconds or minutes. You might even get a strong oil smell seeping out of the engine. The machine might start running after restarting, only to run for an hour and suffer another minor shutdown.

Why Does It Happen?

  • It could be an oil leakage.
  • The fuses might be faulty.
  • The pressure switch might be damaged.

How To Fix It?

  • Insect the fuses and repair them if necessary.
  • Check the oil tank for any leakages, repair them if found, or replace the tank for a safer outcome.
  • Check the pressure switch and pressure drop for any issues. Change if necessary.

#3 – The Engine Suddenly Dies

It’s really annoying when the engine dies right in the middle of work, which is one of the peculiar New Holland Lx665 problems you’ll encounter. Before this happens, you might notice that the fluid light, pressure light, or filter light starts malfunctioning, constantly blinking at your face.

Why Does It Happen?

There are several reasons why your tractor’s lights start going out of control. Some of them include the following:

  • Poor pressure management.
  • The pressure switch under the transmission seat might be damaged.
  • It might be a result of using inferior-quality fluids.

How To Fix It?

It is important to fix this issue immediately to prevent any permanent damage to your engine.

  • Use high-quality fuels and fluids.
  • Refer to the tractor’s repair manual and adjust the pressure until the problem is resolved.
  • Repair or replace the pressure switch.

#4 – The Front-End Loader Has Stopped Working

This is more of a general tractor problem rather than being unique to the Lx665. You might find that the front-end loader is unable to tilt or curl. This is quite common when you re-install the front-end loader. Alternatively, it can also happen when you have used the tractor for extreme brush cutting.

Why Does It Happen?

  • The main reason is that the hydraulic line has come loose or become mismanaged while re-installing the loader.

How To Fix It?

  • Check the hydraulic couplers and see if any of them are partially unplugged. If you find such a sight, make sure you unplug and plug it back in tightly, so it does not come loose again.

#5 – It Makes A Cranky Sound While Starting

You might hear a horrid crank sound whenever you switch on the shaft, which might persist until you turn off the machine. It usually happens when the discs become softer than the splines.

Why Does It Happen?

  • Maybe you’re using a low-quality disc that can’t handle the pressure and bends because of it.
  • There might be decay on the splines, or perhaps the breaks are damaged.
  • It could be due to a build-up of corrosion on the bearings.

How To Fix It?

Worry not; this is one of those New Holland Lx665 problems that come with easy fixes.

  • If the brake pads are damaged, replace them immediately.
  • If the issue is coming from the spline or discs, replace both; ensure you use high-quality steel discs.

#6 – Problem With The Hydraulic Power

Now, this can be super annoying; no hydraulic power means you won’t be able to finish your work. After all, you need the tractor for heavy lifting, which won’t be possible if there is an issue with the hydraulic power.

If this problem occurs, you’ll find that the brake pads are not functioning as they should be. You also lose control of the tractor’s weight-lifting capabilities and realize there is no power in the machine to do anything. So the only thing you can do here is to disassemble and inspect all the parts to figure out what’s happening.

Why Does It Happen?

This is one of the more serious New Holland Lx665 problems, so you must determine the cause immediately.

  • Clearly, there are some issues with the hydraulic pump.
  • Perhaps the splines have been damaged over time.
  • It could be that the flex plates are broken.

How To Fix It?

  • We suggest replacing the hydraulic pump if this is a recurring problem. If you face this issue for the first time, simply repairing it might solve it.
  • If there is any damage in the splines, you may have to change the whole assembly.
  • If the flex plates are damaged, ensure you repair them or get them replaced.

#7 – Can’t Switch The Power Take-off Shaft On Or Off

This common tractor problem usually occurs because of a generic PTO shaft design that includes a seemingly forward sliding mechanism. Although uncommon for skid steer loaders, it might show up in your New Holland Lx665 as well.

Why Does It Happen?

  • It might be due to a manufacturing issue regarding the design. Several people have reported sliding the shaft mechanism forward but failing to get any response from the machine.

How To Fix It?

  • Note that sliding the power take-off forward will do nothing. So try pulling a similar collar back to release the PTO attachments. Doing so should let you take off the shaft easily.

#8 – There Is An Oil Leak

An oil leak is a dangerous problem that needs immediate attention. Leaving it unattended can lead to safety issues and result in a fire if you aren’t careful. Not to mention, oil is expensive.

Alternatively, it could be that your New Holland Lx665 is eating more oil than the average amount due to some internal damage.

Why Does It Happen?

  • There might be a leakage in the pipeline.
  • The drain plug might be damaged or faulty.
  • There might be a hole in the fuel tank, or it may have suffered other damages.
  • You might have used inferior-quality pipelines.
  • You might not have adjusted the drain plug appropriately after your last maintenance check.

How To Fix It?

  • If the pipeline is leaking, make sure you repair it until the leakage stops. If the damage is too much, replace the whole thing entirely.
  • Holes in the fuel tank is a permanent problem and require a permanent solution. Rather than trying to repair these damages, it makes more sense to replace the entire fuel tank.
  • If the drain plug hasn’t been adjusted properly, fix it correctly. If it has been damaged, make sure you repair it or replace the whole thing.

#9 – Err02 Error Code On Display

This is probably the rarest entry in our list of New Holland Lx665 problems and requires a unique solution. You might notice a strange error code that reads Err02 on the display monitor. It usually pops up when the machine refuses to start.

Why Does It Happen?

  • The Err02 error code might pop up to indicate a fault in the fuel shut-off solenoid. Some folks have even reported fuel leakages in association with this error code.
  • It might indicate an issue or change in the electrical system.
  • It could also be due to an internal bug in the New Holland Lx665 display system. If this is the case, your engine shouldn’t have any issues.
  • Sometimes it might be necessary to use a code reader to identify what the code means.

How To Fix It?

  • Take your tractor to a repair center and have them check the code indicator.
  • If there is an issue with the fuel shut-off solenoid, ensure you repair it or replace the part right away.

#10 – F04 Error Code On Display

Several users have mentioned this issue, but it’s still quite rare when looking at New Holland Lx665 problems. For some people, the code might pop up once on pre-start and go away after a while. However, it could be that the code persists, in which case there is definitely something wrong.

Why Does It Happen?

  • The F04 code signifies an open circuit on the fuel shut-off solenoid. It could be the primary reason why the code persists.
  • The charge pump might be leaking from the inlet. It might have come loose or gotten damaged.

How To Fix It?

We must admit; this is one of the trickier New Holland Lx665 problems we’ve encountered. Fixing this issue by yourself might be challenging, so we recommend taking it to a repair shop. Nevertheless, some general fixes have resolved the issue in the past.

  • Get the fuel shut-off solenoid repaired, or replace it altogether.
  • If there is a leak in the charge pump, you could get it repaired to fix the issue. If the problem persists, replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions On New Holland Lx655 Tractors

Are New Holland Skid Steers Any Good?

Yes, they are! People trust New Holland skid steers and have relied on them for several decades. The company started manufacturing in 1972, which is only twelve years after the invention of the first skid steer loader. So as far as reputation goes, they are golden.

What Are Some Popular Older Models?

Some of the old New Holland models that are still trendy are the Lx665 and Lx565.

How Much Does A New Holland Lx665 Weight?

The Lx665 is a beast of a machine with a powerful four-cylinder New Holland diesel engine. It pumps out 50 horsepower and weighs approximately 6405 pounds.

Wrap Up

So now that you’ve gone through our list of common New Holland Lx665 problems, it should be easier for you to resolve them when encountered. We have given you the common fixes for general problems, but do keep in mind that there might be rare issues that require an expert’s touch. Whatever the case, we hope this list makes it easier for you to handle your New Holland Lx665 going forward.